Grizzly feeder:

It can be utilized in mines covered with mountains that includes a type of rock in order to feed the jaw crusher as well as a storage tower with a capacity of 20 to 100 tons and interchangeable anti-wear steel parts in the walls and floor with grizzly steel nets in front of the device to separate fine grains.

Spiral classifier:

It is one of the machineries that is already employed in sand production mines in order to wash and separate soil from the sand, which increases the quality of the sand produced.

(Device Lengths can be changed according to the customer's preference)

vibrating screen:

Vibrating screen is appropriate for separation and granulation of various minerals in 2 types of single-axis and 2-axis and in 4-axis size, which is specified, manufactured and presented in the table below.

Ground feeder description:

This device is used for feeding different types of minerals equally (mountain and also river) to the stone crusher machine (Jaw crusher / impact crusher / Hydrocone crusher and etc.).

Belt conveyors: This type of conveyor is mainly utilized for loading, unloading and moving any kind of material / box / bag / and various packages. Moreover, in some cases, it is used for bulk transportation and productions and jobs, including mining, food industries, agriculture, distribution companies, warehouses and etc.

And nowadays it is considered to be a suitable alternative to the old methods of loading, unloading and transporting.

Easy movement in the workplace; manual, electrical and hydraulic height adjustment and its simple procedure are among advantages of this device.

Double two sided crusher:

This kind of crusher is mainly manufactured and presented for crushing ore with approximate medium strength and size.